Criss Miller
DJ Criss

I’m Cristina and I DJ under the handle, DJ Criss. My blog is a great place to read about DJ’ing, as well as music and radio shows. In addition, I know the best DJ schools in the country and I want to share this helpful information with aspiring DJs. Newbie DJs need to get the highest standard of training. When they do get the right training, they’ll be ready to work at clubs and private parties, as well as festivals and other exciting special events.

I have so much relevant information to share and I love writing about my favorite topics here. I hope that you’ll share my passion for these topics by reading my blogs and then leaving comments. Also, feel free to share my work via your own social media accounts. I love to hear from my visitors. Visitor feedback is really the most enjoyable element of having my own blog.

So, I definitely encourage you to weigh in after you check out my blog posts.

I plan to update this blog on a regular basis. There are so many different elements of DJ’ing, radio shows, DJ schools and music to explore. If you want the latest news and opinions about these subjects, be sure to bookmark this website today. I look forward to getting to know you through your comments.

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