Discover the Best DJ Schools in the World

If you want to kick-start a new DJ career and enjoy the thrill of entertaining crowds, as well as the money and acclaim which come from being successful in this competitive field, you really need expert training. This is where DJ schools come in.

When you choose one of the best DJ schools in the world, you’ll get the right training and education. You won’t miss out on training which makes it easier to succeed as you travel this creative career pathway. Whether you plan world domination as a full-time DJ or want a sideline which is fun and lucrative, it’s beneficial to find the best DJ school around.

When you do find a superb school, you’ll get rock-solid training which helps you to create slick and polished performances. Once you know how to use DJ equipment and related software programs, such as Serato or Traktor, you’ll be able to put your own special thing on top.

Until you master the basics, you won’t really be able to develop your own unique style!

What’s the Best DJ School in the USA?

One contender for the number one spot is definitely Dubspot ( ). It’s known as a world leader in education for Electronic Music. Dubspot DJ schools are found in two American locations (New York and Los Angeles, of course!), so you’ll have options. Choose the basic DJ course or the DJ producer course. One aspect of this company that we really appreciate is its online courses. If you can’t get to the Big Apple or Hollywood, you may sign up for online training which helps you to become the best DJ that you can be. Instructors at Dubspot are a diverse array of artists and educators. If you are going to see the best DJ schools in the US, don‘t forget about travel authorization ESTA. It is necessary for all the tourists who come from VISA WAIVER countries. You can fill  the application form here:

What Does Europe Have to Offer?

Amsterdam is known for its thriving and vibrant DJ scene. Lots of big DJs come out of Holland. Sunnery James is just one example. If you’re in Europe and you want a blue-chip DJ education, consider checking out Pioneer DJ School. It offers two-week courses which are very comprehensive. You’ll enjoy lots of personal attention as you learn the fundamentals and start to develop your own style and talent. This respected DJ school is the perfect place to learn about making mashups and mixing techniques.

Does Canada Have a Good DJ School?

best DJ schools in 2018

Canada does have a great DJ school and it’s located in one of the country’s most cosmopolitan cities…Toronto, Ontario. If Toronto sounds like a good place to learn, we recommend visiting the Off Centre DJ School website today. This school is situated in the downtown core of Toronto and it’s a facility which is a boutique learning facility. It’s been in business for thirteen years now and offers plenty of DJ and Electronic courses, including certificate programs. When you sign on for training at this trusted and established school, your instructors will show you how to use a mixer, a couple of turntables and vinyl in order to create some amazing audio effects. As well, you’ll be able to discover the latest DJ software and studio tricks and tips.

Where to Study in Asia

DJ Academy in Hong Kong is one impressive learning facility. It’s found in central Hong Kong and it features a team of skilled, talented and experienced teachers, who are also producers and DJs. Some well-known DJs have cut their teeth at this renowned school, including Sasha, Nick Warren and Benny Benassi. The school provides a range of DJ packages. Your current skill level will determine which package is right for you.

Learn to DJ Today

If you want to be a good DJ that people love and respect, finding an excellent DJ school will be a smart decision. There are schools all over the world. We’ve shown you some of the best, but there are more out there. Find a location that works for you and then do some online research. You’ll be safe going with any of the DJ schools that we’ve talked about today.

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