Crazy Facts You Didn’t Know About Top DJs

We already know that the world’s most famous DJs lead exciting lives. They have plenty of money, they travel the world playing at shows and festivals and they get tons of press. Their fans pay big bucks to see them in action and they often record their efforts and make money that way, too. However, there are some crazy facts about top DJs that you might not know.

Today, we’re here to fill in the blanks.

Once you’ve read about these DJs, you may just get inspired to learn the art and science of DJ work yourself. The best way to get started is to find a good DJ school. You’ll find information about the best DJ schools in the world right here at this blog, so be sure to look around and read our other blog posts. We’re here to give you the information that you need!

Moby Has a Famous Ancestor

crazy facts - Moby

Have you heard of the classic novel, Moby Dick? Well, it was written by Herman Melville and he’s the great, great, great grandson of famous DJ, Moby! Moby is such a talented guy. In addition to DJ work, he sings, writes tunes, produces, does photography and works tirelessly as an activist for animal rights. Clearly, creative talent is a family trait. Moby is also well known for his vegan lifestyle and he’s the part owner of a T house (called Teany Cafe), which is found in New York City.

Sunnery James Married a Supermodel

Most guys don’t get married to Victoria’s Secret “angels”. However, the world’s most handsome and famous DJs get to hobnob with the most beautiful women on the planet on a regular basis. Sunnery James ( is Dutch and he married one of the modeling world’s most well-known Dutch exports, Doutzen Kroes. She has golden hair, a perfect face and very long legs. When he’s not hanging out with Doutzen, he does shows with Ryan Marciano, who comes from the same section of Sunnery’s home city, Amsterdam. Sunnery met Ryan while working at a sporting goods store and the rest is history.

CRAZY FACTS - Dj DiploDiplo Was Ranked by Katy Perry

Diplo made the bottom of the list when Katy Perry was asked which of her exes was the best lover. This probably irritated Diplo, who is good-looking, wildly successful and quite a ladies’ man! He shrugged off this mild diss (Katy wasn’t mean about the whole thing) with a sarcastic tweet. He’s not likely to dwell on being ranked the lowest for long.

Diplo is goal-oriented and will persevere!

He went to Temple University and studied music and film while he was there. He finds that hip-hop producers inspire him the most, but he’s also inspired by Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. Impulsive and loaded with cash, he once put a girl on an airplane so she could join him in Vegas for a tasty sushi feast. One interesting fact that you probably don’t know is that Diplo attended anger management classes.

Do You Want to Live the Crazy DJ Life?

DJs are a diverse group. Anyone can make it with the right blend of talent, training and commitment. If you want to scale the heights as one of the world’s premier DJs, you should start learning today. It’s possible to pick up all of the right skills at DJ schools and doing so is really the key to building a strong foundation for future success.

After you learn, you’ll be ready to build a reputation by picking up gigs at local clubs and festivals. If you keep at it and hone your skills, and also learn how to market yourself, you’ll be ready to become a world-class DJ.

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