100 Best Songs of 1976

All the hits as well as some of my personal favorites from 1977!
There are well over 100 songs in this video!

Art Is Not A Science

When art hasn’t transformed in 500 years as well as scientific research tells us every little thing we understand is incorrect on a continual basis, why do we still make use of those terms? Perhaps it’s time to alter our viewpoint.

Wagon Wheel – Bob Dylan, Why Didn’t You Finish This Masterpiece?

Wagon Wheel, Bob Dylan’s incomplete work of art, has been bootlegged, dispersed, covered, and modified by a number of bands and artists via the years. This write-up looks into the enigma of the song, and why Dylan really did not complete it.

The 5 Best Warren Zevon Albums – And Why

Although his “unclean life and also times” were interrupted by lung cancer and also an extreme paranoia of medical professionals, those of us whom life hasn’t killed yet still have the chance to listen to any one of the 14 Warren Zevon albums that the famous songwriter left in his wake. Zevon’s attacking wit, pungent witticism, track noir, and also distinct use of allegory permeates throughout his whole canon, as well as, having actually tested the entire repertoire myself, I’m satisfied to suggest 5 albums which I believe deserve your undistracted focus, so … Johnny, strike up the band

Is Voice and Music Separate?

Exists a distinction in the voice utilized in speech instead of the voice as a musical instrument (singing)? Let’s check out together!

5 Things to Look For In a Music Manager

You would not pick just anybody to play in your band. You want the most effective you can get, someone that includes something to the music you’re creating. You should approach hiring musician professionals or songs management business the very same means.

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