1977 – I 20 singoli più venduti in Italia

Are You Running Low on Ideas for Writing Songs?

As songwriters, in some cases our suggestion container runs low. For that reason, it’s vital to have some straightforward best testing processes in our device belts as a way of summoning some inspiration. We’ll take an appearance at some suggestions for that in this write-up.

Four Things Songwriters and Performers Can Do to Make a Cover Song Their Own

Performing a cover song can be an art in itself. Sometimes you really wish to make a cover song special. You want to make it your own. You wish to treat it as if it were something you wrote and also you wish to breathe a whole new life into it. We’ll consider some methods you can do that, in this post.

How To Achieve A Clean Recording

The trick to obtaining a clean recording isn’t suggested to be over complicated. However, there is a great deal of time and also effort that goes right into producing that preferred sound by utilizing some straightforward methods.

The Violin – How To Set Up The Bridge

I just recently had a friend call me stating that he had bought his daughter a violin, and it had actually shown up with the post with the bridge not set up. He had viewed on the web, yet the information was a bit confused as well as he was still uncertain how to do it. This article handles a relatively easy topic, but as you will agree, something that is important for the amateur violinist

Qualities of Best Music Composers

Music captivates individuals of every ages. Every style of music has its very own beauty which can not be prevailed over by one more. To be able to pay attention to songs of any type of style, one should try to find out as well as understand it.

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