I 100 singoli più piazzati negli anni 90 (dal 07/01/1990 al 27/12/1999)

Le fonti usate sono radiocorriere Tv e FIMI. Non sono i singoli più venduti ma più piazzati, utilizzando il metodoche si usa per il medagliere delle olimpiadi ovvero: al primo posto chi ha più medaglie d’oro, a parità di medaglie d’oro si piazza prima chi ha più medaglie d’argento e a parità di ori e argenti si piazza prima chi ha più medaglie di bronzo. Stessa cosa per questa classifica, a parità di primi posti si piazza prima chi ha più secondi posti, a parità di primi e secondi posti si piazza prima chi ha più terzi posti e così via e nel caso di parità assoluta si piazza prima chi ha più settimane in classifica. I piazzamenti sono in ordine decrescente, da chi è stato meno settimane al primo posto a chi è stato più settimane. Ho inserito le settimane totali in TOP 10 e i relativi piazzamenti, così ognuno di voi si fa un’idea personale di chi possa aver venduto di più. Buona visione a tutti

Blues Scales Impact Over Metal Sound

“Steel is adversary songs”. “Heavy steel is adversary praise tracks.” Or possibly most horrible “Heavy Metal is a demon”. In most cases, these are lines that you would certainly get to listen to right from people relating to hefty metal.

A Guide to the Vast and Complex World of The Fall

Whether you recognize of them or otherwise, there’s no escaping the fact that The Autumn are one of one of the most significant post-punk acts to have actually arised from the UK music scene. However, they are likewise among one of the most prolific and also ever-evolving – making them a little bit of a scary prospect for those seeking to discover their work. Famous for a line-up that – conserve for the band’s pythonic diva Mark E Smith – has seen around 66 different members appear and go away since 1976, The Autumn have actually placed out 29 workshop albums …

Things to Avoid While Recording An Album

Getting in the songs organization is fairly a challenging task since it drains a great deal of cash as contrasted to other organizations. Everyone can advise you on how to advertise your songs however only a few can tell you just how to offer it. If you are not efficient in finance, then album recording expense can prove to be rather a worry on your pocket.

Some Unknown Facts About Electronic Music Production

Analog synthesizers were made use of then as well however they were restricted and the songs still sounded appealing without any type of problems. Also today you can attain quality by maintaining it easy with songs manufacturing.

The Violin: Some Frequently Asked Questions About Learning to Play the Violin

Songs is a remarkable point, and also is a gift that will give you lots of minutes of satisfaction and also leave whatever level you are or what instrument you really play. The option of tool is extremely frequently made a decision for you, specifically if you are a child whose moms and dads choose for you. This article will undergo some frequently asked inquiries regarding finding out to play the violin.

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