Italian Charts All No.1 Songs [1990-2020]

Tutte le numero 1 arrivate in classifica in Italia. Le fonti prese sono le seguenti:
Dal 1990 al 1994 Radiocorrieretv
dal 1994 al 1997 Fimi
Dal 1998 al 1999 Musica & Dischi
Dal 1999 al 2020 Fimi
Le canzoni sono in perfetto ordine cronologico in base all’entrata al primo posto. Le settimane totali al primo posto che potete leggere a video non sono necessariamente consecutive. Nel primo commento fissato in alto ci sono i link per passare rapidamente di 5 in 5 anni. Le versioni estese come sempre le potete trovare sul mio canale telegram

The Ethos of Rhythm and Scales

In the old past, the Greeks connected an “values” or moral pressure to musical rhythms as well as scales. To figure out the ethos of anything such as a musical rhythm they not just factored meter, however additionally various other fundamental rhythmic components such as lengths, beats, bars, and parts. In a similar way, the Greeks did exactly the same thing with ranges and modes. A number of staying pieces and whole essays exist today where a renowned Greek thinker thought about the subject of a principles of a range.

Tips for Matching Event Entertainment to Corporate Guests

Preparation an event entertainment can be among one of the most challenging tasks ever. It needs a great deal of creativity along with knowledge of what the target market take pleasure in the majority of. The trip in the direction of finding the most excellent and remarkable occasion performers should be stepped thoroughly to prevent little mistakes that may stop it from being a success. Below are a few of the best suggestions for matching to the business guests.

How to Set Up Your Own Internet Radio Station for Remixes

This article supplies details on exactly how to configuration your own web radio terminal for organizing your remixes to a live audience. It will certainly include the tools and also basic information for arrangement and also areas.

Top Ten Beatles Songs

The Beatles are perhaps, wait, no debate, I think they are, the most essential team in pop songs background to date. Transforming the actual way tracks are created tape-recorded as well as launched, many, if not all music owes them a nod, and some a hefty financial obligation. To name the very best of their tracks is no easy task and would certainly require most Beatles fans some prolonged contemplation. With that said claimed right here is my take of their finest:

Songwriting – An Idea to Try for Your Chord Progressions

One method to come up with a chord development for your tune is to utilize chords from a track you such as, while customizing the timing of the strumming pattern that’s presently there. We’ll check out just how you can do that, in this write-up.

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