Top 10 songs of 1961

1 (2:20) Bobby Lewis – “Tossin’ and Turnin’ “
2 (2:05) Patsy Cline – “I Fall to Pieces”
3 (1:50) The Highwaymen – “Michael”
4 (1:35) Roy Orbison – “Crying”
5 (1:20) Del Shannon – “Runaway”
6 (1:05) The Jive Five – “My True Story”
7 (0:50) Chubby Checker – “Pony Time”
8 (0:35) The String-A-Longs – “Wheels”
9 (0:20) Dee Clark – “Raindrops”
10 (0:05) Joe Dowell – “Wooden Heart”


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Pro Audio Equipment Is One of the Things That Will Improve the Chances of Making It As a Cover Band

One of the important things that you should understand is that if you are going to be a working cover band, you most likely aren’t mosting likely to be drawing in massive dollars, nor are you likely to be the very first name that people think of when they are listing their favorite bands. The other thing that you need to understand when you are assembling a cover band is that if you are going to get suitable gigs, you are going to need to sound every bit like the bands that initially executed the songs that you are going to be covering.

Three Things to Avoid When Choosing a Beginner Electric Guitar

So you want a newbie electric guitar? These guitars are developed to provide a brand-new customer convenience of use at a suitable rate. In this manner, the buyer can make certain that they are really right into the guitar leisure activity before sinking countless dollars right into an instrument that will certainly wind up collecting dirt. Sadly, not all guitars are developed similarly, which can make acquiring one exceptionally hard and also discouraging, specifically for the nonprofessional or someone recently curious about the art.

Plants and Animals

Canadian triad Plants and also Pets have layers of tags upon them over the last 10 years. They have been referred to as indie, classic rock, and also prog-rock just among others. All of us understand that “the greats” can not be identified, and also attempting to put Plants as well as Animals into any kind of style would certainly be an idle task.

Andrew WK – The Past Ten Years

Andrew WK is visiting his hit album I Splash. He’s returning to the UK for the very first time given that 2003. Lets have a check out what he’s been up to for the last decade …

How To NOT Respond To Artistic Criticism

In the world of Home entertainment where any kind of press is excellent press, it is occasionally smart to overlook what is blogged about you. Just enjoy to get noticed even if they’re grumbling regarding you. That is often the BEST press.

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