Top 10 songs of 1967

1 (2:20) Lulu – “To Sir With Love”
2 (2:05) The Box Tops – “The Letter”
3 (1:50) Bobbie Gentry – “Ode to Billie Joe”
4 (1:35) The Association – “Windy”
5 (1:20) The Monkees – “I’m a Believer”
6 (1:05) The Doors – “Light My Fire”
7 (0:50) Frank & Nancy Sinatra – “Somethin’ Stupid”
8 (0:35) The Turtles – “Happy Together”
9 (0:20) The Young Rascals – “Groovin’ “
10 (0:05) Frankie Valli – “Can’t Take My Eyes off You”


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When Promoting Your Band, Don’t Forget Newspapers and Radio

It’s common feeling that you have to use the media to market your band. Normally, the new media, like Facebook and also Net discussion forums, is incredibly required, however it is essential to understand how to collaborate with the legacy media. It holds true that the old media’s ideal days are gone, however don’t misconstrue the reach of newspapers, radio and also TV. They all still reach a big basic audience.

The Dying Phenomenon of American Family Bands

This is a write-up concerning the absence of brand-new household bands playing and/or executing traditional American music together. This as soon as preferred past-time of playing tools together in the family members is currently changed with viewing television, surfing the internet, children hanging out at the mall with buddies, etc

Discover the Wide Variety of High-Quality, Low-Price Gig Bags for Your Guitar

Getting a gig bag for your guitar can be means less expensive than acquiring a hard instance, and also offer you equally as much defense as well as just as wide a selection. There are tons of affordable guitar instances for sale, of really premium quality, and specially produced different kinds of guitars.

Are We Seeing The Death of the DVD?

Are we observing completion of the CD as well as DVD as well as books? If anyone has checked out the Apple computer system internet site, you will certainly observe that the new Mac Mini as well as the Mac air have no optical drive and Apple has launched the Mac App store. Plainly this is an indication that the start of the end has actually come for the CD. When the pair this with the Amazon cloud and also the Apple cloud the proof is much more engaging. Most new automobiles have MP3 add-ons so you do not need a CD for the car any longer. Many iPods can link to high end audio speaker systems so you do not require CD’s for stereos any longer.

Learning Hip Hop With Instrumentals

Hip hop is coming to be one of the most favored music category these days. When you have listened to it, you certainly like to hear the beats once more as well as sing to them.

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