Top 10 songs of 1973

1 (2:20) Tony Orlando and Dawn – “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree”
2 (2:05) Jim Croce – “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown”
3 (1:50) Roberta Flack – “Killing Me Softly with His Song”
4 (1:35) Marvin Gaye – “Let’s Get It On”
5 (1:20) Paul McCartney & Wings – “My Love”
6 (1:05) Kris Kristofferson – “Why Me”
7 (0:50) Elton John – “Crocodile Rock”
8 (0:35) Billy Preston – “Will It Go Round in Circles”
9 (0:20) Carly Simon – “You’re So Vain”
10 (0:05) Diana Ross – “Touch Me in the Morning”


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