Top 10 songs of 1980

1 (2:20) Blondie – “Call Me”
2 (2:05) Pink Floyd – “Another Brick in the Wall, Part II”
3 (1:50) Olivia Newton-John – “Magic”
4 (1:35) Michael Jackson – “Rock with You”
5 (1:20) Captain & Tennille – “Do That to Me One More Time”
6 (1:05) Queen – “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”
7 (0:50) Paul McCartney – “Coming Up”
8 (0:35) Lipps Inc – “Funkytown”
9 (0:20) Billy Joel – “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me”
10 (0:05) Bette Midler – “The Rose”


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What Makes James Taylor’s “Carolina In My Mind” a Great Song?

What are the active ingredients necessary for a fantastic track? James Taylor’s “Carolina In My Mind” has all the answers: tune, mood, carolers and strong verses.

LL Cool J: Multi-Talented Artist and the Prayer for Whitney

James Todd Smith was born in January, 1968 and is from Bay Coast, NY. He is better known by his expert name LL Cool J which is an abbreviation for Ladies Love Cool James. He is a multi-talented artist who has had a large recording job with 12 albums over 23 years. He has actually written four books and been in numerous television programs and motion pictures.

How An iTunes Organiser Could Help You

Ever considering that the release of the iTunes digital music player and iPod, Apple’s appeal has actually continuously grown. This has actually caused a variety of different programs to be launched by separate business that boost the overall quality of the original software. iTunes is currently the most previously owned music player on the planet, with individuals that do not even possess an iPod utilizing it as a media gamer for all of the different data on their computers.

What Can You Do With iTunes?

Although a whole lot of people have been using iTunes, the majority of have actually not really used it to its optimal potential. Free iTunes suggestions are readily available online, so it is unexpected that lots of people fail to utilize the media program. Apple is constantly upgrading iTunes, so the techies around need to remain tuned.

Why Not Get Some Music Producer Software To Make Those Cool Beats?

Hey mama pay attention to what Frankie did he made some sick beats with his music manufacturer software program. The entire next-door neighbor hood appeared, and they are dancing in the roads. lol! Maybe your music manufacturer software program won’t stand up to that, yet that does not indicate you ain’t got talent. Have a look at the hottest beat maker software application on the net.

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