Top 10 songs of the week February 26, 2022 (February #4 | 2022 #9)

1 (2:20) Carolina Gaitan, Mauro Castillo, Adassa, Rhenzy Feliz, Diane Guerrero, Stephanie Beatriz & Encanto Cast – “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”
2 (2:05) Glass Animals – “Heat Waves”
3 (1:50) Adele – “Easy On Me”
4 (1:35) GAYLE – “abcdefu”
5 (1:20) The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber – “Stay”
6 (1:05) Kodak Black – “Super Gremlin”
7 (0:50) Ed Sheeran – “Shivers”
8 (0:35) Justin Bieber – “Ghost”
9 (0:20) Lil Nas X – “Thats What I Want”
10 (0:05) Gunna & Future Featuring Young Thug – “Pushin P”


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Which Electric Guitar?

So which electric guitar should I choose? Also manage this job easily, you have to uncover what class of sound your goal is first. Which can assist you consider up which brand you want.

Yamaha Ls9-16

Today’s audio industry depends on the digital sound mixing devices. It not just improves their quality as well as effectiveness but additionally provides several benefits commercially.

Yamaha M7cl-32

Yamaha M7cl is a complete electronic live audio blending console made use of to upgrade or build a tool sized stereo. Most current electronic innovation is utilized to produce Yamaha M7cl electronic noise mixing console collection. Its layout is made focusing on the installed systems as well as SR applications.

The Importance of Rhythm Guitar on Your Band

A lot of usually, rhythm guitar players require to step apart to let the lead, bass and also drums do their very own thing. However, rhythm guitarists play a huge function in the band. Consider this: John Lennon, Chuck Berry, Pete Townsend and Brad Whitford succeeded without taking the lead part and they made wonderful tracks in the process.

Guitar Scales: An Introduction to Amazing Solos

There are a lot of publications blogged about scales. Why? Just due to the fact that there’s a whole lot of mix you can think of playing different sets of notes!

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