Top 10 songs of the week January 22, 2022 (January #4 | 2022 #4)

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What the Heck Is StumbleUpon?

With all the new social websites going up, is StumbleUpon still a practical source to market your website? I review a recent short article which mentioned that StumbleUpon is getting 1 billion stumbles a month currently. Wow!! So just how can you, as an artist, benefit from this essential web site device?

The Importance of Tuning Your Drums

An amazing drum solo starts with a well-tuned drum established. Nothing is a lot more aggravating from an audience ear than the noise of a sloppy beat as well as out-of-synch drum work. That is why you constantly require to examine the overall tone of your drum package.

How Vinyl Albums Create Wonderful Memories

It is terrific to see plastic albums taking pleasure in a rebirth in appeal. Simply by investigating the internet as well as walking the streets, you will find document albums in areas that may amaze you. You will certainly even locate new artists releasing music albums and also jumping in on this new wave. We can only hope that younger generations will get to have the experience we did by paying attention to vinyl cds.

Elvis: Making Money Even In The Afterlife

He is described by his birth name, Elvis, but some describe him as the King. He is taken an American Rock-and-Roll legend, and his visibility remains solid well after his death. For fans of his classic plastic, his documents have actually been known to have high resale values; some uncommon records of his can create hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. His music resides on as American hits, but it’s the sales created from his estate that have the CKX Business’s pockets loaded with cash money. CKX Business has developed a particular niche business advertising the image as well as name of dead stars, and Elvis stays one of the most rewarding names in business.

CD Album Review – Southern Wind – John Tallon Jones

John Tallon Jones was not an artist that I was acquainted with up until recently, when a good friend of mine played me the excellent “Escape” CD which was released in the mid 1990’s. After hearing this, I did a Google search and discovered that the 2nd CD called “southerly Wind” had just recently been launched, as well as I got it wishing that unlike a great deal of 2nd albums it would come near the criterion of the first. I wasn’t disappointed, however was a little surprised at the change in vogue and also music direction that the second album takes …

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